I love my coffee creamer as much as anyone, but the calories do not love me.  After years of mu husband trying to tell me my creamer was the cause of a lot of my weight loss struggles I caved and decided to go cold turkey on the creamer.

Unfortunately he was right……I will never live it down, LOL.

Turns out I was drinking over 600 calories a day in creamer and coffee shop drinks!

With 3 kids (2 still in diapers at the time) I was not willing to give up coffee.  I had to find a solution.  Thanks to 1st Phorm German Chocolate Cake Protein Powder, it was easy!

Now I am not only getting my deliciously sweet cup of coffee, but some protein too!  Since most people struggle to eat enough protein every day (we can talk about why protein is important another day) it is a win win.

Still not sure if you are ready to ditch the creamer?  Try my recipe and see for yourself why it was so easy for me to make the switch.  I can proudly say I am over a year sober from the creamer…..and down 15 pounds too!

German Chocolate Cake Coffee Recipe


8-10 oz hot coffee

1/4 c any unsweetened nut milk

1 scoop German Chocolate Protein

1 tsp coconut oil (optional)


Combine nut milk, protein, and coconut oil and mix to a paste

Add coffee

Blend thouroughly (I use the ninja foodie because it is so versatile)

Pour in your favorite mug